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Welcome to VBOATS!
VBOATS is a manufacturer of fully welded aluminium boats. There are four separate brands in our portfolio:
VOYAGER boats - a true 4x4 on the water
FISHPRO boats for angling lovers 
YAVA boats with comfort build in VOLZHANKA boats our versatile and beloved series

Here's our story:

Our story began in 2005 when our company started selling different water equipment and offering a large variety of services including maintenance, repairs and installation for marine accessories and boat engines.

In 2006 we took some of the accessories manufacturing into our own hands and with the help of Nikolai Chaynikov, a locally very well known master, we started the production of boat covers and convertable tops in our brand new sewing workshop.

The birth of the first Volzhanka prototype. The idea was brought to life by talented engineers. Among them Konstantin Kurakov, Anton Kuznetsov, Dmitry Skotnikov and Oleg Kazantsev.
As the next significant step in our development, we launched the model Volzhanka 51 with an aluminum hull that carried a glass fiber interior.
The start of production for Volzhanka 51 with fully aluminum bodies. Another step forward was the implementation of windshields with aluminum frames from the company Slider (Kazan)
Volzhanka 55 was added to our standard model range. The hull configuration of this boat made it exceptionally agile and responsive with both the low-power 50hp outboards as well as 90hp mid-power engines.
At the Volga Boat Show in Togliatti our newest addition to our model range, the Volzhanka 49, was presented to the public.
We got our foot in the door at the famous fishing tournament series in Russia – the Pro Anglers League. Two designated sports fishing boats based on the Volzhanka 49 Fish were developed and given to the teams of Sergei Starraikov/Sergei Lebedev and …
... Vitaly Galitsky/Grigory Buzalo under a sponsorship agreement. The newly developed boat series was called LegendFish. These two sports fishing boats were just the beginning of what eventually grew into a very prominent part of our portfolio.
Once again, in the city of Togliatti on the Volga Boat Show we presented the Volzhanka 46.
On the same boat show, people saw our VOYAGER Long Cabin for the first time.
The first Volzhanka 54 LegendFish Pro prototype was created for the crew of Sergei Evdokimov. Several of the solutions developed for this model will later be used in a professional series of FishPro boats.
The world premiere for Voyager 700 was held at Boot Düsseldorf, one of the biggest boat show in the world.
A new series of models was developed from scratch. The boats were called YAVA and included three models – 470, 510 and 550. The exclusive distribution for this series in Russia was trusted to the Yamaha Motor CIS dealer network.
Moscow hosted the 10th World Predator Boat Fishing Championship and specifically for this event we supplied the participating guest teams with YAVA boats from a limited edition series that was built in cooperation with Yamaha CIS.
The Russian national team participated on the championship with FishPro 54 boats.
…and after many days of fierce competition managed to secure the third place on the podium.
Together with YAMAHA CIS we launched our package offers of Volzhanka boats that are equipped with a suitable Yamaha engine already at our factory. In addition to the engine with full installation this “Ready to go” package offer includes everything you need to get your boat on the water immediately after delivery. Ask your closest dealer for a package offer!
The premiere of FishPro 50 was held at the boat show in Helsinki. This sports fishing boat with its smart design and reasonable pricing got the attention of a lot of people in the sports fishing game. Not to mention that the vibrant color of the body was a big hit with the crowds.
The world premiere of the new model - VOYAGER 960 took place at the exhibition in Dusseldorf


VOYAGER 700 Open - the first open VOYAGER debuted at an exhibition in Oslo, Norway
FISHPRO X3 - the boat was being tested all summer, and now, in October, as part of the 2020 model range, a new model of the FISHPRO series is presented. Despite its compact size, it perfectly combines functionality and reliability.
At the Allt for sjon exhibition, which was held in Stockholm, we presented two prototypes of the new VOYAGER models, which will be available for order in the next model year.
One of them: VOYAGER COB (CabinOpenBow). The model is built on the same base as the VOYAGER 700 Cabin, but has an open bow. Main features of the model: self-draining bow with three lockers-steps and a powerful aluminum door to the cabin.
The second model presented at the exhibition is the VOYAGER 800 Cabin. This model is an elongated version of the already familiar VOYAGER 700 Cabin. The extension was due to the aft deck. VOYAGER 800 Cabin is a spacious and reliable boat that will appeal to lovers of comfort.
In July 2020, the flagship model of the FISHPRO series, the FISHPRO XR, was launched on the water. The powerful and fast boat was created with the direct participation of the master of fishing sports of international class Andrey Petertsov and expert support of the chief judge of the Pro Anglers League tournament Vladimir Inozemtsev.